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Seeding the future – LANDI


As a world-leading online education company, Landi English has the ideal to make education heartwarming and the mission to offer more children a better opportunity to learn English. With the stable schedule and fixed pair of students, Landi English looks to build a stronger bond between teachers and students, so that teachers are able to …

Seeding the future


Contact us; TEL: +86-0571-58120478 EMAIL: recruitment@landi.com ADDRESS: Floor 14, Building B, Inventronics, No.459, Jianghong Road, Binjiang District, Hangzhou …

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Landi Teacher- Start Today! – Work From Home and Make 2k …


Landi English Implementing the teaching concept Peer Study throughout the whole teaching system, Landi has revolutionized real-time online courses from traditional one on one-to-one on more. Landi engages teachers and students with an immersive teaching system based on CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) and greatly welcomes a …

Seeding the future


What We Offer. -Competitive salary. -A fixed and stable class schedule. -Effective administrative and peer support. -Strong relationship with students. -Fun and interactive platform. -All set curriculum from Oxford University Press.

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